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Out of Work and Struggling

Released 1 May 2014


Maria was educated. She had a good office job, and she was able to raise her two sons while looking after her aging mother. Then, Maria’s mother became sick. Maria took care of her, but it was a challenge.

Then Maria lost her job. “She had been out of work for several months when she first came here,” Bonnie continues. “It was a struggle for her to keep up with food, bills, school supplies, and medications for her mother.”

When that struggle became too great, Maria sought out The Salvation Army. “She came for food,” Bonnie tells us. “We helped her with that. We were also able to help her pay her utility bill, and we provided discount drug cards, so she could obtain medications for her mother.” Maria’s two boys were also given backpacks filled with school supplies.

For the next few months, Maria came to The Salvation Army for food. And even as she received assistance, she also gave something back. “She would come and pick up her food quietly,” Bonnie recalls. “And then she would volunteer to help pack food bags.”

Then came the day when Maria visited us for the last time. “She had found a job,” Bonnie says, smiling. “She just wanted to come back one last time to tell us she could now provide for herself, and to thank us for everything we had done for her.”

Your gifts help good families like Maria’s make ends meet, keeping them from falling into homelessness 

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