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Officer changes of appointments - effective July 17

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Released 10 June 2002

On behalf of the Territorial Commander, we are very pleased to announce the following appointments effective July 17, 2002.
Major Charles Gillies -
Territorial Evangelism, Prayer, Spiritual Formation Secretary
Major Linda Gillies -
Territorial Overseas Children's Sponsorship Director
Major Sharron Hudson -
Territorial Older Adult Ministries and Volunteers Director
Major Diana Jones -
Additional Responsibility: The Fellowship of the Silver Star
Major Michael Dossey -
Command Secretary for Business
Major Sandra Dossey -
Administrative Assistant
Captain Mark A. Nelson -
ARCC Special Projects
Captain Noelle Nelson -
ARCC Special Projects
Major John R. Reed -
Administrator Development Program Coordinator
Major Katherine E. Reed -
Administrator Development Program Coordinator
Major George W. Beauchamp -
Administrator (TIC) ­ Van Nuys ARC
Major Julie Beauchamp -
Director of Special Services ­ Van Nuys ARC
Captain David R. Yardley -
Administrator (TIC) ­ Canoga Park ARC
Captain Gaylene Yardley -
Director of Special Services ­ Canoga Park ARC
Captain Jack Holland -
Administrator (TIC) ­ Bakersfield ARC
Major Stephan M. Hartt -
Associate Administrator ­ Designate ­ Phoenix ARC
Major Jeanine Hartt -
Associate Director of Special Services ­ Designate ­ Phoenix ARC
Captain David F. Pierce -
Associate Administrator ­ Fresno ARC
Captain Michelle L. Pierce -
Administrator ­ Fresno ARC
Lt. Colonel Jerry Gaines -
Administrator (TIC) ­ Tucson ARC
Lt. Colonel Jeanine Gaines -
Director of Special Services ­ Tucson ARC
Captain Ramon T. Perez -
Administrator ­ San Bernardino ARC
Captain Amanda L. Perez -
Director of Special Services ­ San Bernardino ARC
Captain Howard R. Bennett -
Administrator - San Jose ARC
Major David Boyd (R ) -
Administrator ­ Riverside County ARC
Major Patricia Boyd (R) -
Director of Special Services ­ Riverside County ARC
Captain Monte C. Jones -
ARCC Trainee
Captains Bret W. and Lorena Z. Strickland -
ARCC Trainees
Captain William C. Mikesell -
Personnel Officer
Captain Brenda Mikesell -
Personnel and Youth Programs Officer
Captain Kevin E. Jackson -
Curriculum Officer
Major Audrey Madsen -
Director of Finance
Captains Mark D. and Michelle L. Thielenhaus -
Corps Officers ­ Homer Corps
A/Captains Michael E. and Susan Nute -
Corps Officers ­ South Anchorage
A/Captains Scott A. and Barbara Schneider -
Corps Officers ­ Sitka Corps
Major Calvin Prouty -
Associate ­ Anchorage ARP
Major Glenda Prouty -
Divisional Statistician and Safe from Harm Coordinator
Major Philip Lum -
Divisional Secretary for Program
Captain Michael H. Zielinski -
Divisional Secretary for Business
Captain Janene Zielinski -
Evangelism & Adult Programs Secretary
Captain Lynda Thompson -
Women's Ministries Secretary
Captains Samuel and Margarita Rodriguez -
Corps Officers ­ Hillsboro Corps
Majors James and Judy Goodwin -
Corps Officers ­ Idaho Falls
Captain Terry L. Damm -
Corps Officer ­ Oroville Corps
Major Marilee Estes -
Corps Officer ­ San Rafael Corps
Captain Donna R. Bowman -
Corps Officer ­ Manteca Corps
Majors William A. and Mary Dickinson -
Corps Officers ­ Eureka Corps
Captains Terrance D. and Evadne C. Wright -
Corps Officers ­ Richmond Corps
Captains Lanny D. and Noreen French -
Chaplains ­ Oakland Garden Street
Captain Robert S. Patten -
Associate Corps Officer ­ Eureka Corps
Captain Robert S. Lloyd -
Divisional Secretary for Business
Captain Rhonda Lloyd -
Women's Ministries Secretary
Captain Judith E. Smith -
Divisional Secretary for Program
Major Joe Chavez -
Divisional Finance Secretary
Major Evelyn Chavez -
Divisional Property Consultant and Divisional Coordinator of Women's Auxiliaries
Major Debra Shrum -
Corps Officer ­ Turlock Corps
Captains David W. and Diane Ebel -
Corps Officers ­ Bakersfield Corps
Captains Barry and Raijeli Kaurasi -
Corps Officers - San Francisco Turk Street Corps
Envoys Ramon and Linda Garcia -
In-Charge ­ Hollister Corps
Captains Christopher D. and Molly A. Yeager -
Corps Officers ­ South San Francisco Citadel
Captains Fred and Chris Kim -
In-Charge ­ Santa Clara Outpost
Aux./Captains James T. and Hiedi S. Chae -
Corps Officers ­ San Francisco Korean
Major Wm. Randall Mulch -
Divisional Youth and Candidates' Secretary
Major Jonnette Mulch -
Guard & Sunbeam Director and Corps Cadet Counselor
Envoys Hittai and Maryrose Silk -
In-Charge ­ Laura Corps
Envoys Johnny and Angelina Milne -
In-Charge ­ Jabor Corps
Envoys Benji and Rosebee Rakin -
In-Charge ­ Jaluit Corps
Captain Ella Lani -
Marshall Islands Youth Leader
Captain Ronald E. Fenrich -
Divisional Youth and Candidates' Secretary
Captain Ronalee Fenrich -
Guard & Sunbeam Director
Captains Daniel J. and Anya Y. Henderson -
Corps Officers (Pro-Tem) ­ Denver Red Shield Corps
Major Ronald G. and Debra Gilden -
Corps Officers ­ Cheyenne Corps
Majors Don R. and Rachele Bowman -
Corps Officers ­ Billings Corps
Captain Raymond Erickson-King -
Director of Social Services ­ Boulder County Service Center
Captain Bruce Rose -
Associate Corps Officer ­ Grand Junction Corps
Captain John M. Chamness -
Divisional Secretary for Program
Captain Martie Chamness -
Assistant to Director of Women's Organizations and Older Adult Ministries Secretary
A/Captain Norien Kreitzberg -
Divisional League of Mercy Secretary
Majors David P. and Deanna Sholin -
Corps Officers ­ Bellingham Corps
Majors McKinney and Debra Dove -
Corps Officers ­ Yakima Corps
Envoys Steve and Daylene Staneart -
In-Charge ­ Helena Corps
Captains Daniel J. and Doreen K. Freeman -
Corps Officers ­ Kalispell Corps
Captains Samuel R. and Joyce M. Miller -
Corps Officers ­ Federal Way Corps
Captains Donald A. and Cheryl L. Warriner -
Corps Officers ­ Lewiston Corps
Captains Dana J. and Kathleen Johnson -
Corps Officers ­ Vancouver Corps
Captains Erik J. and Sylvia D. Hoogstad -
Corps Officers ­ Puyallup Valley Corps
Captains Norman and Debra Patton -
Corps Officers ­ Everett Corps
Envoys Eduardo E. and Carolina Alfaro -
In-Charge ­ Yakima Temple Corps
Majors Randall and Cheryl Kinnamon -
Corps Officers ­ Olympia Corps
Captains Ronald and Barbara Wehnau -
Associate Corps Officers ­ Great Falls Corps
Captain Shevaun Malone -
Assistant Divisional Youth and Candidates' Secretary
Major Elsie Crawford -
Administrator ­ Escondido Silvercrest Senior Citizens' Residence
Majors Elicio and Darlan Marquez -
Corps Officers ­ National City Temple Corps
Major Jeanne Baker -
Divisional League of Mercy Secretary & Older Adult Ministries Secretary
Captain Ivan P. Wild -
Divisional Youth and Candidates' Secretary
Captain Jennifer Wild -
Christian Education & Guard and Sunbeam Director
Captain Bob P. Louangamath -
Assistant ­ Divisional Youth and Candidates' Secretary
Captain Judy Tanovan -
Associate Officer ­ Whittier Laotian Corps
Captains James E. and Beverley Lloyd -
Corps Officers ­ Anaheim Corps
Envoys David and Ruth Garcia -
In-Charge ­ El Monte Temple Corps
Captains James and Barbara Sloan -
Corps Officers ­ Glendale Corps
Captains Victor M. and Leslie R. Powell -
Corps Officers ­ LA Lighthouse Corps
Captain Lourdes S. Griffith -
Associate ­ San Fernando Valley Corps
Captains Thomas and Joy Mui -
Corps Officers ­ San Pedro Corps
Captain Clement A. Leslie -
Divisional Secretary for Business
Captain Evangeline M. Leslie -
Women's Ministries/Current Issues Secretary & TEAM Leadership Coordinator
Captain Gordon T. Myers -
Divisional Finance Secretary
Captain Roberta Myers -
League of Mercy/Older Adult Ministries Secretary
Captain William Dickinson Jr. -
Divisional Youth and Candidates' Secretary
Captain Lisa Dickinson -
Guard and Sunbeam Director/ Corps Cadet Counselor
Major William S. Raihl -
Clark County Coordinator (Las Vegas)
Major Harryette Raihl -
Clark County Coordination ­ Special Services
Captains Nathanael and Lucila Doria -
Corps Officers ­ Prescott Corps
Majors Neil and Kathie Timpson -
Corps Officers ­ Las Vegas Corps
Major Mark Sparks -
City Coordinator & New Mexico Development Officer Albuquerque, NM
Major Rebecca Sparks -
Corps Officer ­ Albuquerque Corps
Captains Mark and Vickie M. Gilden -
Corps Officers ­ Roswell Corps
Envoy Kenneth and Maren Claeys -
In-Charge ­ Henderson Corps
Major William Lum - Tucson City Coordinator ­ Tucson, AZ
Major Joy Lum -
Director of Special Services ­ Tucson, AZ
Captains Jorge and Christine Torres -
Corps Officers ­ Phoenix Maryvale
Captain Pamela Gardner -
El Paso County Coordinator ­ Special Services
Captain David N. Allen -
Corps Officer ­ El Paso Citadel Corps
Captains Kevin and Tina Bottjen -
Corps Officers ­ Las Cruces Corps
Captains Gwyn E. and AnnMarguerite C. Jones -
Appointment Pending
Lt. Colonels Jerry and Jeanine Gaines - From Eastern Territory
Major Elsie Crawford - From Eastern Territory
Captains Daniel and Doreen Freeman - From Germany Territory
Majors Dan and Verna Hughes
Majors Justin and Juhie Park
Captain Joseph Thompson
We express our gratitude for a job well done in their present appointments and our prayer support to these officers as they prepare their hearts and minds for these new responsibilities of ministry.
God bless!
Paul R. Seiler

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