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We offer extensive social services that include food, clothing, utility assistance, and much more.


Financial gifts, donations of stocks, real property or deferred gifts help The Salvation Army fund its mission to preach the gospel and help meet needs in Christ's name.


When you shop or donate to The Salvation Army Family Stores, you help fund our live-in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.


Every volunteer for The Salvation Army is another set of helping hands, another voice of comfort, another heart pouring out compassion.


Stay connected and learn about events and opportunities The Salvation Army throughout Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.


Without it, we could not be doing the most good in our communities.


You helped make Larry's transformation possible through your generous support.

Homeless, Alone, and Lost, Larry Found His Way Back, Thanks to You

Larry started drinking when he was 7. It was at a party his parents were throwing. He secretly poured all the half-empty glasses into a toy bucket — and drank. His parents were too drunk themselves to notice or care.

Growing up, alcohol remained a part of his life. He got married and had kids. He even ran a successful photo-processing business. But it didn't last.

"I drank away my business, my wife, my kids, my house, my car — everything," Larry said.

Completely lost, Larry came back to Colorado to live with his sister and try to get sober. But he kept drinking. Knowing she couldn't help, she got him into a local rescue mission.

Larry stayed there for a while, then started drinking again. That was his pattern. He'd go into some program, and then relapse. In between, he was homeless and panhandling for change to buy alcohol. That went on for years.

Finally, he found The Salvation Army. Thanks to your generous support, Larry got help for his addiction. And he came to an even more important realization.

"I saw that I needed God in my life," he said.

Larry has been sober for nine years. He has remarried. He now works at his local Salvation Army. He and his wife are both Salvation Army soldiers, and they play music for Sunday services. But what's most gratifying is the relationships Larry forms with others who are battling addiction, and how he's been able to help them as he was helped.

"Without The Salvation Army, I'd be dead or in the gutter," Larry said. "But now, life is better than I could have dreamed. I'm so blessed."

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